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This is a tutorial and list of suggestions for likely human misspellings and typos. Because the results are based on the proximity of the characters on a QWERTY keyboard they are fairly accurate and likely to occur in a real world situation for you’re web site.




This list of common misspellings is based on the keyword combination or a single keyword of the website HTTP://WWW.PCBUGBUSTERS.BIZ  and demonstrates the usefulness of targeted keywords that are often misspelled by people using search engines and should be targeted as extensions to you correct keywords for maximum search engine coverage.





Various ways typos can happen, and should be expected and targeted:


Wrong key typos:
Typos based on a user hitting the wrong key that is near the intended key (like "jello" instead of "hello"), only uses characters valid in ASCII domain names.

Missed character typos:
Typos based on a missed key (like "ello" instead of "hello").

Transposed character typos:
Typos based on transposition errors (like "ehllo" instead of "hello").

Double character typos:
Typos based on hitting an intended key twice (like "heello" instead of "hello").






For an example; the following is a list of common keywords for this web site:

Computer; computer support; computer repair; computer help; computer service; computer services; Computer support; Computer repair; Computer help; Computer Help; Computer Service; Computer Services; Computer Maintenance; PC; PC Repair; PC Help; PC Services; PC Support; Technical Help; IT; Information technology; Computer science; Web Design; Networking; Virus; Adware; Spyware; Malware; Trojan; SEO; S.E.O. Ohio; Bowling Green, Ohio; Bowling Green; Perrysburg; Findlay; Maumee; Whitehouse; Toledo; Sylvania; Perrysburg, Ohio; Findlay, Ohio; Maumee, Ohio; Whitehouse, Ohio; Sylvania, Ohio




As a result; the following is a complete (computer generated) list of the typo's resulting from those keywords if misspelled:



omputer Cmputer Coputer Comuter Compter Compuer Computr Compute CComputer Coomputer Commputer Compputer Compuuter Computter Computeer Computerr oCmputer Cmoputer Copmuter Comupter Comptuer Compuetr Computre Cimputer C9mputer C0mputer Cpmputer Clmputer Ckmputer Conputer Cojputer Cokputer Comouter Com0uter Comluter Compyter Comp7ter Comp8ter Compiter Compkter Compjter Comphter Compurer Compu5er Compu6er Compuyer Compuher Compuger Compufer Computwr Comput3r Comput4r Computrr Computfr Computdr Computsr Computee Compute4 Compute5 Computet Computeg Computef Computed Ciomputer Coimputer C9omputer Co9mputer C0omputer Co0mputer Cpomputer Copmputer Clomputer Colmputer Ckomputer Cokmputer Conmputer Comnputer Cojmputer Comjputer Cokmputer Comkputer Comoputer Compouter Com0puter Comp0uter Comlputer Compluter Compyuter Compuyter Comp7uter Compu7ter Comp8uter Compu8ter Compiuter Compuiter Compkuter Compukter Compjuter Compujter Comphuter Compuhter Compurter Computrer Compu5ter Comput5er Compu6ter Comput6er Compuyter Computyer Compuhter Computher Compugter Computger Compufter Computfer Computwer Computewr Comput3er Compute3r Comput4er Compute4r Computrer Computerr Computfer Computefr Computder Computedr Computser Computesr Computeer Computere Compute4r Computer4 Compute5r Computer5 Computetr Computert Computegr Computerg Computefr Computerf Computedr Computerd omputer support cmputer support coputer support comuter support compter support compuer support computr support compute support computer upport computer spport computer suport computer suport computer supprt computer suppot computer suppor ccomputer support coomputer support commputer support compputer support compuuter support computter support computeer support computerr support computer ssupport computer suupport computer suppport computer suppport computer suppoort computer supporrt computer supportt ocmputer support cmoputer support copmuter support comupter support comptuer support compuetr support computre support compute rsupport computer uspport computer spuport computer supoprt computer supprot computer suppotr computersupport xomputer support domputer support fomputer support vomputer support cimputer support c9mputer support c0mputer support cpmputer support clmputer support ckmputer support conputer support cojputer support cokputer support comouter support com0uter support comluter support compyter support comp7ter support comp8ter support compiter support compkter support compjter support comphter support compurer support compu5er support compu6er support compuyer support compuher support compuger support compufer support computwr support comput3r support comput4r support computrr support computfr support computdr support computsr support computee support compute4 support compute5 support computet support computeg support computef support computed support computer aupport computer wupport computer eupport computer dupport computer xupport computer zupport computer sypport computer 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